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Providing gardening supplies to the Bossier City & Shreveport, LA area since 1976

It takes more than sun and rain to keep your garden healthy. If you're looking for a gardening supplies store in Bossier City, stop by Serios' Feed and Seed. For over four decades, we've been the go-to store for fertilizers, seeds, herbicides, insecticides and more. No matter what you need to make your garden flourish, you can find it at our store.

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Get more details about our fertilizer options

Get more details about our fertilizer options

A good fertilizer contains nitrogen, phosphorous and potash (potassium). We have a diverse selection of fertilizer options that can give your plants the boost they need for healthy growth. We carry... 

  • 13-13-13 
  • 8-88 
  • 33-00 (ammonium nitrate) 
  • 15-5-10 with iron (lawn fertilizer) 
  • Several natural fertilizers 
  • Cottonseed meal 
  • Boneseed meal 

In addition to fertilizers, we also carry pesticides (bifen and cypermethrin) and insecticides (2,4-D and atrazine). Get in touch with us today for more information about our fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides.